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We provide quality, cost effective legal services for all people.

Morrical Legal

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We Offer


Tish is a mediator recognized by the Kansas Supreme Court. Her Master's degree in Social Work makes Tish uniquely qualified. Case management, guardian ad litem representation, and case evaluation are also available.


Family Law

We represent families, of all demographics, in all areas of family law, including divorce, custody, paternity, child support, parenting time and grandparent visitation. We also represent families in the area of guardian and conservatorships.

Guardianships & Elder Law

We know this is never an easy thing to do for an individual. With compassion, we can assist with Medicaid applications, guardian and conservatorships for families, as well as advance directives.

Meet Tish

Tish Morrical's law practice focuses on civil litigation, family law, mediation, elder law, guardian ad litem work, and family law case management. She is a mediator approved by the Kansas Supreme Court and is often appointed to represent children in their parents' divorce case, as well as appointed by the court to serve as a type of arbitrator in family law cases under the Kansas Case Management statute. Tish's practice is a regional practice that covers most of the north central Kansas area and she frequently travels to many different counties as needed by her clients.

Hay Bales


What are we about?

The Morrical Legal, female owned and led, law firm exists to serve modern families in ways that make legal services more accessible. 


Morrical Legal removes barriers (and some expense) to accessing quality legal service by offering the majority of client-attorney meetings digitally. This allows our firm to offer legal services from Goodland to Manhattan, Norton to McPherson, and everything in between. All of which are areas where there is a severe lack of legal professionals, especially those with the agricultural knowledge needed to assist farm families. Tish is also known for her ability to advocate for and work with families of all structures and backgrounds.


“My wife and I were in the middle of an adoption...Tish and Crystal were always professional and helpful. I really appreciated the walk thru of the court finalization of the adoption. I felt very comfortable walking into the courtroom knowing the process. Thank you Tish for answering all of my questions and helping us give a little girl that didn’t have much of a life a chance to flourish in the future!”


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